Palmistry by Myrna Lou
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Thank You Myrna Lou for a most amazing session! The timing in our lives was Divine, and the insights 'golden'. After our session, I thought about both of us being '1 in  a million' with the 'M' and the 'Twin Flame' patterns. It has occurred to me that when calculating the probability you actually multiply the factors,  not add them. So the chance of us both having this pattern is 1 million times 1 million which I think is 1 trillion or more.
David and Erina Cowan  Blue Sun Energentics   Boulder CO

Dear Myrna,
A quick note to say I heard you on Contact Talk Radio. You enthralled me with the rapidity, fluidity and spot-on accuracy of your remote palm reading. You created within me that uncommon but magical awareness of knowing truth and sense of reality that is sometimes difficult to find in the realms of the metaphysical and gifted “sensitives”. I have been doing energy and spiritual work for 12 years and I tell my clients the body is not capable of lying. It will always tell the truth. I sensed within you the innate faculty this certainty of knowledge. You opened a door and created a type of intellectual curiosity that I found exciting, provocative and profound. You stimulated with me a similar sense of wonder and understanding and I found myself scouring my hands for information. You were inspiring and generated to the listener a sense of personal integrity, professionalism and honesty to your gift. I would like to add palmistry to my tool belt.
Jeff Baglin, Rochester NY

Hello Myrna Lou,
I want to confirm what you told me in June 2010 at the Taste of Ft Collins Fair. You told
me I would meet a woman, it would be easy as pie and we would be a “hot” item quickly.
You also said we would be married after 1 to 1 ˝ years. On the 22nd of December 2010 I proposed; we will be married in June of 2011. You were 100% correct in all your
predictions! I wanted to update you on my life. Many thanks.
Bill   Ft Collins CO

Hi Myrna Lou,
You are 100% right on the nose with every area in my reading!!! The kids, I did have a miscarriage, maybe 2. I do have 2 children. When it comes to my 2nd    husband, we got married in 2004 and he is my soul mate, we have been together in past lives. He is such a blessing. As for my guardian angels - I know one is my grandfather and I have 2, as for the other person, that I am unsure. Health; right on the nose…. I used to have Crohns disease, now 100% gone. Yes the fighter and strong positive attitude did get me through. Jack Canfield and his staff label me as a recovering perfectionist! Boy crazy when I was young and the love of my life, my first love, bingo! I’m looking forward to sharing you with the world.
Sue London host Get Inspired Radio Show  Canada

We were blessed to have Myrna Lou speak to our "Soul Enlightened" group. The group consists of 25-30 people who gather to talk shop on like minded subjects in the Parker Colorado area.  Myrna Lou gave us a demonstration reading our palms and she provided one for each of us.

Our group had a wonderful Saturday morning. She is an intuitive blessing to us all.  Her loving and gentle teaching methods touched our group in a special way. We look forward to having her return in the future and we would recommend her to everyone.
Cindy Glasso President Soul Enlightened Group   Parker CO
Hey Myrna Lou,

We listened to you on KHOW radio in the contest WHO WANTS TO BE A RADIO SHOW HOST and you were terrific. We contacted KHOW's Program Director and we voted for you and let him know we were casting our vote for you. We told him not to consider anyone but you as their next radio show host. We were with you in spirit and asked the angels to put you at the top of the competition. Chris and Bob N.  Denver CO
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