Palmistry by Myrna Lou
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Palmistry Q & A
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There are five basic lines on every human palm that carry the present, past and future.  I study all three areas on the basic five lines. They are: Life Line, Love Line, (Soul Mate Symbol), Work Line, Reproduction and the Bracelets.
Will I live a long and healthy life?
The Life Line denotes the length of time a person can live.  It can be calculated by counting the fingers (20 years each) and the space between each finger (ten years each).  For any extra area on the Life Line I mentally add one to five years to extend it to the actual end of the line. I never predict the exact year a person will live to while on this earth, but give them a ballpark figure such in the early 90's or late 80's. A fork at the end of a Life Line = extended years. It would look like a stripe such as this: ________>. A "V" at the end of it is a good symbol.
Will I achieve my full potential during my lifetime?
One has only to wish, want, desire and hope to realize their dream  A palm shows the possibility of goals that can be accomplished. I see if a person is strong enough to make things happen for themselves.  Some people never dare to dream while others are constantly dreaming.
What should my expectations in love, relationships and marriage be for the future?
The Love Line gives me clues one’s love life from puberty to old age.   It showcases loves past, current relationships, broken engagements, couples living together as man and wife under the same roof but not married marriages and unions between two consenting adults.  It displays depression, joy and frustration in romantic entanglements. Age of the partners can be determined by the length of the Love Line. Length of unions can also be figured out by the length and intensity of the lines. I look at the wishbone markings which equals a connection a person has and how it progresses in time. "V" equals two partners, each being one side of the line.