Palmistry by Myrna Lou
Business Company

Dear Myrna Lou,
Recently I received a reading from you based on a Xeroxed print I sent to you. I was very impressed. Many of the details could be passed off to good guesses but not with the consistent accuracy you managed.  If I gave you some additional factual details, for example the soul mate that you saw coming into my life  - actually came back  into my life in the past year. Would that have an influence on your reading? You have a remarkable spiritual gift. I heard about you through a friend of my soul mate, Rose. You were described as the “less than 1% of Palmists who truly have the gift.” I hope to meet you in person one day.
Frank J. Bruning,
Minister  US Army

"Myrna Lou appeared on KBVI radio's Midday Edition show. Her incredible intuition through palmistry created so much interest that I'm planning a show highlighting those skills. She's a delight! Her book, MAY I SEE YOUR HAND? shows the lay person psychological insight like a life road map, all contained in the palm of the hand."
Linda Nelson Program Director, KBVI Radio  Boulder CO

"Without knowing my name Myrna Lou said I was a widow. (She came within weeks of the time frame), then told me I would remarry, sell my home, and my new husband would provide me with a luxury home. So far she’s “prophesied" correctly."
Eileen Burke Boulder Sheriff's Office   Boulder CO

Dear Myrna Lou,
I enjoyed meeting you after the Psychic Fair here in Ft Collins. Thanks for submitting your palmistry article for publication in the Healing Path Magazine. I would very much like to use it. All of your in-action photo and palm illustrations are great too. Articles always have a better readership if they are illustrated.  Thanks again for this article idea. It is the support of people like you that make it possible for us to bring this resource to the community. By submitting information from your area of expertise you enrich this community magazine and our community.
Kate Taylor Publisher Healing Path Magazine  Ft Collins CO

Myrna Lou really had the phones ringing as my guest on "Lights On" last April!  She generated much enthusiasm and audience participation with her on-air palm readings.  Her professional explanations removed the visual obstacles of radio and she was easily understood.
Nancy Lee Host "Lights On with Nancy Lee"  Ft. Collins CO

Myrna Lou is a gifted, spirited and accurate palm reader.  She has been a guest on my TV show, "Mystical Insights” five times over the past few years. There are only two people who have been exceptional enough to make appearances this many times and Myrna Lou is one of them.  I respect her work and her honesty.
Patrisha Richardson TV host, "Mystical Insights" Denver CO

Hi Myrna,
Thank you for being a guest on my radio show today. I love to support people I respect and believe in.  You’re the real deal.  I love that. Thank you for doing the four readings on the show.
Phyllis King, host The Common Sense Psychic radio show

Hi Myrna Lou,
Thank you SO much for the palm reading.  Wow, it is really affirmative.  Last night I read it over quickly before our study group--I am now on my way to the library to print it out so I can study it in detail and refer back to it often.  Good news about the soul mate!  Who knew, though a psychic reading by a powerful channeler (at least his guides are powerful) said that someone would be coming in in about two years and he described half of him .  Your reading was quite accurate, though I would not have admitted so many positive things about myself.  That is one area in which it will be helpful.  I was such a duck out of water in the culture I grew up in that people mostly though I was an alien from another galaxy.  Glad I have a few more years to keep working on things.  It is great to have an approximate time to leave earth--death doesn't particularly bother me, I don't think, but I do want to finish some things and be prepared for leaving gracefully.  It might be nice to take off from Hawaii.