Palmistry by Myrna Lou
Business Company
7     Palm Reading Party at Jody's house  4 PM  Sarasota FL
21   Psychic Fair  Center of  Eternal Light 11-4  Ft Myers FL
26   Guest on www.KDW Radio 12:30 EST  North Port FL
27   Guest on Different Strokes for Different Folks 7:30 PM
28   Psychic Fair  Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light  10-4  Sarasota FL

18   Psychic Fair  Spirit University (Lecture) 11-4  Sarasota FL

12   India Artensian Festival  Sarasota FL
18   Psychic Fair  Spirit University 11-4(Lecture)  Sarasota FL
24   Crystal Cave 4th Friday Event  Sarasota FL

15   Psychic Fair  Center of Eternal Light  11-4  Ft. Myers FL
28   Fourth Friday Night Fair 4-9 PM  Crystal Cave  Sarasota FL

6      Psychic Fair  The Way of  Positive Change 11-4:30  Ft. Myers FL
13    Palmistry Class 10-Noon The Way of Positive Change  Ft Myers FL

17      Psychic Fair Center of Eternal Light  11-4  Ft Myers FL
21      Palm Party at Sip & Sup Grand Palm 5:30  Venice FL
24      Fairy Festival  Spirit University  Sarasota FL

1          Psychic Fair The Way of Positive Change  Cape Coral FL
14        Lecture Find Your Soul Mate Using Palmistry 5:30 PM  $15 at
            Down To Earth Pt Charlotte FL ( mini readings $5)
22-23  Mystic Faire Municipal Auditorium  11-6 Sarasota FL

3         Guest Second Sight Radio Show 8-10 PM  NYC
15       Guest Journey Down the Rabbit Hole Radio Show
19       Psychic Fair Center for Eternal Light  11-4  Ft Myers FL
28       Animal Rescue League  Fundraiser  Pt Charlotte FL
29       Guest on Your Truth with Dr. Lesley 10-11 PM  CA

23     Mystical Bazaar  Municipal Auditorium  11-5 Sarasota FL

18    Palmistry Class 7 to 9 PM Spirit University 373 Braden, Sarasoda FL
21    Psychic Fair  Unity Church 11-4  Sarasota FL
27    Crystal Cave Last Friday Halloween event  5-9 PM Sarasota FL
28    Psychic Fair  Down To Earth  10-2  Pt Charolete FL

11    LAB RESCUE Petsmart  19530 Coharan Bldv. Pt Charlotte FL
        $5 donation for palm reading  11 AM to 4 PM

2017 Schedule