Palmistry by Myrna Lou
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I first met Myrna Lou at a Metaphysical Fair where my psychic booth was on the other side of the exhibition hall. About a year ago I purchased her book, MAY I SEE YOUR HAND?  Palm Reading for fun and Profit".  For some reason, the day of this fair something kept telling me to go see her for a palm reading.  In minutes she said I was one in a million people who will meet my soul mate in the next two years. All I could say was wow! I had to go back for a second reading to hear the rest of my life.  What accuracy and expertise!
Maxene, Psychic   Denver CO

"Myrna Lou appeared on KBVI radio's Midday Edition show. Her incredible intuition through palmistry created so much interest that I'm planning a show highlighting those skills. She's a delight! Her book, MAY I SEE YOUR HAND? shows the lay person psychological insight like a life road map, all contained in the palm of the hand."
Linda Nelson, Program Director, KBVI Radio  Boulder CO

"Myrna Lou' s book, MAY I SEE YOUR HAND? presents a unique and powerful approach to palm reading and the presentation is simple and easy to use. A palm reading session draws on considerable palmistry knowledge and she adds her own psychic abilities."
Burt Cohn   Denver CO

"We enjoyed reading Myrna Lou' s book, MAY I SEE YOUR HAND? and also having her read palms in our bookstore prior to her participating in our Psychic Fair. We are hopeful she will teach classes for us."
Janet and Bob Shafer, Owners, Enchanted Chalice  Denver CO