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Reviews for Soul Mate Connections:

"Soul Mate Connections" is divided into two sections, the first containing the essence of this title's information.

The second section of the book, entitled "My Diary of Palm Reading Sessions: Love, Romance and Soul Mate Relationships, 1957-2001" is an interesting compilation of the author's experiences in reading 28,600 palms, including that of Erma Bombeck. Each short story selected for inclusion, has a common theme of individuals, their soul mates and Ms. Goldbaum's remarkable palmistry skill and intuition.

Being knowledgeable with all facets she writes about, I found the first section of Ms. Goldbaum's book to be loaded with information in a brief, straight-forward manner, potentially very enlightening to any looking for a lasting relationship. With lists such as "Relationship Mistakes Checklist" and "15 Qualities To Look For In A Soul Mate Relationship", I would recommend this section especially to anyone beginning the pursuit of a serious relationship.
Rachel Elaine

Soul Mate Connections written by Myrna Lou Goldbaum; is a fantastic guide if you are in a relationship and want to check out the possibilities of it being a positive productive lifetime experience. The author certainly comes across with her knowledge and passion for her specialty in Palm reading. The short stories of her palm reading experiences bring out the excitement and desire that many are looking for in their thirst for knowledge of their futures.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in strengthening their relationships. It was exciting looking at my relationship and checking out my soul mate connection!
Review- by author- C. Gale Perkins

This book is an interesting, informative, and a well written book that will keep your interest from cover to cover. Myrna Lou Goldbaum is a Palmist, a Psychic, and an Author. Soul Mate Connections is one of three books that have been written by Myrna Lou Goldbaum. This book has made me want to read the other books that this author has written. This author has the ability to make a book interesting, informative and easy to read.

Soul Mate Connections tells you everything people would like to know and ever need to know about human relationships, love, romance, and finding a soul mate. If you have ever had a relationship problem or have had a problem relating to some people then this is the book for you because this book will give you some answers.

This book will help people, of all ages, that have had problems with relationships in the past and will help these people improve their relationships in their future. This book will especially benefit young people in high school and college who have not yet been in a serious relationship. Included in this book is some forty-six palm reading stories that the author has done that involves all kinds of relationships that the readers of this book will be able to relate to. I know I could relate to them.

I will recommend this book to anyone. I plan to buy several copies of this book to give as gifts to friends and loved ones that I feel will benefit by having the book. I wish I had known about this book sooner because I have had many opportunities to recommend it and would have if I had known it was available.  Thank you Myrna Lou Goldbaum for writing this outstanding book.
Erv Harmon