Palmistry by Myrna Lou
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Palmistry Q & A
Vertical lines = boys:    lllll
Horizontal lines = girls: __ ___
The male determines the final outcome of the birth, no matter what the woman carries on her palm.  Example:  a lady carries four marks, (typical number, nationally) all female.  She mates with a man who carries only boys on his baby finger.  That couple would reproduce boys since the male sperm out drives the females and they are faster and stronger. Her female eggs become male babies.
Will my pregnancy and the birth of our children be OK?
There is no way a palmist can see if a pregnancy is OK.  Only the medical profession can monitor that area.  A person in strong, healthy physical condition can usually expect to do well during their pregnancies and deliveries.
What should I invest my money in?
Speculation in financial matters does not show up on the palm. However the letter "M" on a palm denotes money coming in and it also represents a person who is a survivor.  If someone invested in a project and they had the "M" distinctly showing on their palm it would mean they would have great potential to bring wealth and prosperity to that individual. The money line must also visualize in conjunction with the "M" in order to create the atmosphere of greatness and success in business matters.  When a person has both showing they can do no wrong. The money symbol is found on the baby finger side of the palm about 1" down from the wrist and is about 1" to 2" in length and runs diagonally.
Is my job secure?
The Work Line is found on the palm under the thumb and it is either heavily striped or intermittently striped here and there.  The heavily striped palm shows a hard-working person. Sketchy lines on this area means the person worked, then stopped for a time, then started up again. I cannot predict one's job security, but can see if raises or promotions happened or are going to occur in the future.
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