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Palmistry Q & A
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Will I find my soul mate?
In order for anyone to find their soul mate two marks must visualize on the palm.  
The old soul scratch marks found under the fingers and in the area above the Life Line denote time spent on this planet as someone else.   Each mark represents 100 years.  The average old soul marking on a palm is between 8-10 marks which equates to 800 to 1,000 years of experience.. 
A marking by the wrist that is shaped like a mountain or baseball diamond is the second necessary marking to show that person has the possibility of finding and spending the rest of their life with their soul mate.
If one has both of these areas clearly marked on their palm they can end up with the true love from a past life in this one. It is their old soul finding another old soul but in this lifetime they are two other people.  This is known as reincarnation.
Will I ever be content and find happiness?
Only time will tell if one can find utopia in this world.  No one is perfect. Once that is established in the mind, it is possible to be content with your life. Happiness means different things to different people.  Some count money and success as the top of the heap while others count their family, health and relationships as their highest peak.
If I have a problem how can I resolve it?
Everyone dreams; that is the way we work out our daily pressures and problems. Example:  A neighbor yelled at you; you were insulted. That same night when you go to sleep you dream about something totally unrelated to help yourself get past the hurt so the next day you can go forward and move past their insults.
Can I have children?  Will I have boys or girls?
Reproduction is the only line on the palm where two people are involved.  The total number of marks on this spot determines the possibility of live births. Marks on the baby finger denote the total eggs a woman carries and how many children she is able to reproduce. Two kinds of lines, vertical and horizontal are located at this spot.