Palmistry by Myrna Lou
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May I See Your Hand? is a book that will help anyone who has an interest in palmistry learn this occult craft. It is easy to read and digest. It clearly explains simply the mechanics of this fun pastime.Many illustrations, pictures and short stories taken from palm readings are in it.

This book will show how to interpret palm lines, symbols and patterns. It will reveal how to read the important events in one's life, past, present or future. Palmistry can affect a person's future life opportunities.It details the importance between palm reading and fortune telling. It illustrates how to read palms professionally for a fee and to operate your own business. It has marketing tips and how to attract clients, what amount to charge for a reading and much more. In teaching palmistry, this book is one of my requirements for each student. Should a line or symbol be forgotten while doing a reading a person can refer to the book.
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