Palmistry by Myrna Lou
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CRUISE TO THE OTHER SIDE has many surprises. The 'family dynamics' that we all
seem to have, connect into the 'memories and feelings' of the reader. Also, anyone who
questions what happens when someone departs this 'Life Dimension' to the 'After Life
Transition' may find some interesting possibilities or insights. It is a 'Must Read" for anyone
in the Theoretical thinking part of their own Life's Journey. It has humor, and suspense along
with some possible messages, to the reader with an open mind. The surprise ending
encourages anyone to explore new, as well as existing, areas of expansion.
Ruth V. Centennial, CO

CRUISE TO THE OTHER SIDE is a great read with many interesting story lines
interwoven between a mother and daughter. It has something for everyone. I cruise and it
rang true to me.
Joyce B.  Teacher (retired) Louisville CO

Your latest book,  CRUISE TO THE OTHER SIDE is  a  very  heartwarming  story  of  a 
mother-daughter  and  husband-wife  relationship. What  makes  it  both  unusual  and 
interesting  is  the  sequence  of  events  that  quickly ties  it  to  the Spiritual  purpose  of 
life.   Introducing  the  Guardian  Angel  as  a  funny  yet trusted  and  endearing  friend 
helps  de-mystify  how  Angels  work  in  our  life. This  is  a book  that  is  hard  to  put 
down  once  you  start  reading  it.  I will highly recommend it.                                                            
Chris  N., RN,  BA   Denver CO 

Myrna’s newest book, CRUISE TO THE OTHER SIDE was great reading material. It is
the story of a mother and daughter who go on a cruise vacation to find their lost love for
each other. Quickly It turns against them and things happen almost at once. I enjoyed
reading it and also learning new things about the metaphysical world that surrounds us all.
Wanda J.   Longmont CO

I just finished reading your book, and I really enjoyed it.  I almost felt as though I were on a
Princess ship with the atrium, lap pool, and beautiful dining room, etc.  I am usually a
sporadic reader, but since this really held my interest, I finished it in one day.  I also enjoyed
learning a little bit about the psychic world although I am still somewhat skeptical.  And, of
course, I loved reading about a character with my name!!!  You are definitely a talented
Reggie W.   Boston MA

Myrna’s last book out, CRUISE TO THE OTHER SIDE is page turner for sure. I began
reading it one night and could not stop. I had an all nighter until I finished it. It has twists and
turns, love, hate and the occult all in one story. Very fun read for anyone.
Susan A.  Longmont CO

CRUISE TO THE OTHER SIDE is filled with a rich imagery that puts you right in the
middle of each scene with the characters, as if you are a fly on the wall. An easy read, this
book also acts as a metaphysical primer for the uninitiated. You will keep going through the
many plot twists and turns until you finish the book when all the questions are answered. The
beautiful cover is a great depiction of the theme of the book, We love it!  Kudos to Myrna
Goldbaum for her first foray into the world of fiction
Paula and Susan  Lakewood CO

Dear Myrna,
I finished your wonderful book in two-days. CRUISE TO THE OTHER SIDE is a great
Holiday read! It's a page-turner from the first page! While it's a great read with a fabulous
adventure and wonderful characters, there's a message in the book that we can all take to
heart. Myrna, you really out did yourself with this great fiction!
Janice Boulder CO

Gondolier Sun newspaper, Venice Florida